Our Story

Sisters’ Mezze hummus was born in the kitchen of Palwasha “Paula” Gharwal, an Afghan-American with over 30 years of experience as a chef of delicious Afghan cuisine. While hosting a dinner at her home, Paula whipped up her homemade hummus to serve as appetizers. Dinner guest and dear friend, Becky Fredericksen, echoed the response received by others who tried Paula’s food – it was too good not to share this with others. Becky took that enthusiasm and began selling the hummus at Eagan Market Fest, a local farmer’s market, in the summer of 2015. As customers began asking for more of the hummus, the Sisters’ Mezze company was born.

The “Sisters’ Mezze” name was inspired by Paula’s biggest fans, her five daughters: 
Myena, Zahra, Wagma, Heela, and Madeena. The company is family owned and operated with a collective mission to share Paula’s gourmet recipes the way she serves it in her own home.

The product offering has expanded to three flavors of hummus, and on-the-go snack packs of hummus and crisps. These products have attracted customers whose support has led to making Sisters’ Mezze products more widely available at various retailers. Amidst the tremendous growth, Paula’s homemade hummus remains true to its roots – a commitment to authenticity, health, freshness, and quality. Sisters’ Mezze invites you to enjoy our products and, “Welcome to our table!”