Hummus... Its not just a dip!

Welcome to our table!


Sisters’ Mezze ® (meh-ZEH) is a collection of authentic Afghan family recipes handcrafted in Minnesota. In Levantine cuisine, “mezze” is the experience of gathering with friends and family to enjoy small plates, drinks, and conversation.

Hummus offers a healthy, clean, gluten-free option to the health-conscious consumer. Sisters’ Mezze is dedicated to educating consumers on the versatility of hummus – as a spread on sandwiches and wraps, a sauce on pizza, a topping on eggs, a base for salad dressings and more.

We offer three flavors of hummus: Garlic, Jalapeño Cilantro, and Roasted Red Pepper. All three flavors are made with GMO-free ingredients and are naturally gluten-free.